My First Semester of College

Written by Tami Hochgesang on .

Things are trucking right along to end my first semester of college for which I attended part-time and took 2 classes. The classes are wrapping up and heading into "Finals" soon. This is something I am glad I have done and am looking forward to the Fall semester. Originally, I thought I would take a summer class, but I need a break. I think this break is good for the mind and body. Well, maybe the younger generation doesn't need this break though! So, now I am aging myself. And yes, you did read my first sentence correctly, I am attending college for the first time in my life and I am no spring chicken. I graduated from high school many years ago and had no desire to go to college.

Moving to the "Dark Side"

Written by Karen Kippenbrock on .

In May of 2011, I was faced with a hard decision after working for Southeast Dubois County School Corporation as the Technology Director for 12 years.  My desktop technician of 9 years had left me in February 2011 for another job in the business sector due to salary.  So I ran the technology department alone for about one month before hiring a replacement technician.  Once trained, this technician left me within 1 month.  Here I was, left to start the entire interviewing/hiring process all over again.  Not to mention summer was coming :-)  Anyone in a school district's IT department knows this is the crazy busy season.

The Journey of Cascade Middle School

Written by Guest Blogger: Eric Sieferman on .

September 2013 - February 2014
     Instructional technology has been a huge focus for the CMS teachers this school year. The school year began with some My Big Campus training followed by introducing some Web 2.0 tools and then discussion on the concept of the flipped classroom. With the assistance of the CMS PTO, several digital cameras were purchased along with licenses for a screencasting software called Camtasia Studio from TechSmith. Significant time went into researching what the classroom would look like the day following a flipped lesson along with how to use our new equipment.

Five-Star Provides IT Solutions

Written by Alan Israel on .

I joined Five Star in March of 2012 as a member of the Technology Managed Services (TMS) team. I remember saying to myself, “Five Star is not like other IT companies.  What are they doing differently?”  I have been in IT consulting for a long time, nearly half my life, and am blown away at the client relationships Five Star has. Five Star is not so much a technology company but a company that provides IT solutions.

I could go into how Five Star is structured to keep costs down to the clients, but IT is not always about costs. It seems that every new district or client we bring on has their own IT issues, but when asking about a particular system, I hear the same thing: “That’s just the way it works.”  My response, whether out-loud or in my head, is always the same, “We will make it work right.”  Five Star makes the systems work right by experts with hundreds of years of cumulative IT and K-12 experience, which is just one reason why we are different.

Five-Star Ticket Surveys

Written by DJ Hanen on .

When Five-Star technicians and engineers close tickets the Five-Star Ticket system will generate a survey regarding the ticket back to the end user.

The survey will ask questions similar to the following – were we prepared to resolve your issue, was the issue resolved, and was it resolved in a timely manner.   The survey also asks for comments from the end user regarding their issue.  

Loving & Embracing Change

Written by Heather Novak on .

I work from home, which sounds awesome, but can also be very lonely. My husband and I had talked about getting a puppy to keep me company during the day and at night because he was working third shift and I didn’t get to see him much. The process of finding a puppy that both of us liked and that could adapt to apartment living was a challenge in itself! We looked for about a month before we finally found our little “Clutch.”