Leadership Team

Aaron Whitpan20190827182400

Aaron Whitpan

Director of Software Development
Annie Burns20190827180325

Annie Burns

Director Transformation Services
April Harper20190827181215

April Harper

Sr. Director of Strategy
Brad Fischer20190827180955

Brad Fischer

Director Transformation Services
D.J. Hanen20190827180035

D.J. Hanen

Sr. Director of Managed Services
Don Balentine20190827180212

Don Balentine

Systems Engineer
Dr. Jason Roseberry20190827175712

Dr. Jason Roseberry

Chief Innovation Officer
Dr. Keshia Seitz20190827182638

Dr. Keshia Seitz

Director of Grant Development
Erik Mosier20190827181727

Erik Mosier

Chief Revenue Officer
Jenna Poe20190827183646

Jenna Poe

Director Transformation Services
Jim Benson20190827174051

Jim Benson

Chief Executive Officer
Kelly York20190827182451

Kelly York

Director of Professional Development
Lisa Cutshall20190827180440

Lisa Cutshall

Sr. Director of Partner Engagement
Nathan Davidson20190827180625

Nathan Davidson

Sr. Director of Transformation Services
Niall Thompson20190827182217

Niall Thompson

Sr. Director of Engineering
Sam Bush20190716143746

Sam Bush

Sr. Director of Software
Scott Richie20190827181855

Scott Richie

Director Transformation Services
Sherry Gick20190827181108

Sherry Gick

Director of Partner Engagement
Vanessa Eldridge20191113141335

Vanessa Eldridge

Associate Director Transformation Services
Wayne Kimbrell20190827181459

Wayne Kimbrell

Director of Product Experience
Zach Dodson20190827180842

Zach Dodson

Associate Director Transformation Services